The Top 3 Mistakes Brides make on their Wedding Day | Tips from a Wedding Photographer

So much goes into planning this one perfect day, as a wedding photographer who has witnessed weddings both big and small, there are three things that I’ve seen done over and over no matter the differences. Your wedding day should be your own, but it always helps to look at those who have been there and learn from their mistakes.

Here’s some things to avoid, so that your wedding day ends up being truly, the best day ever!

  1. Include wedding traditions they don’t necessarily care about.

Bridesmaids, garter toss, bouquet toss, and many others – you do NOT have to do them all! I’ll speak on bridesmaids in particular because I’ve experienced weddings with or without, small and large bridal parties. Just because most wedding traditions include bridesmaids, or even numbers of pairs, doesn’t mean you have to do it exactly that way. Especially when making the list is stressful with choosing who to give that honour to and worried that someone will feel left out or hurt.

Brides & Grooms, it’s YOUR day! Spend it with the people that you KNOW will make it a fun experience, don’t worry about who thinks what of your decisions, you won’t get to re-do this day and the friendships that matter will make it through the bridesmaids cut haha.

2. Pick a hairstyle they have never worn before & never will again.

I know, it feels like your wedding day should be THE day you glam up and go all out. But hear me out on this – it should still reflect YOU! SO MANY of my Brides who have decided to do updos because they don’t ever get a chance to otherwise, have told me how much they regretted it. The truth is, even if your hair trial goes great and the hairstyle you chose looks amazing, if it’s not something that you are used to sporting, you won’t like it on yourself especially in your wedding photos, in a variety of angles, in different scenarios like candid shots of you talking with your guests, or reacting to speeches, even if you do love your formal bridal portraits.

If you still want a glamorous, elegant style, instead of doing an up-do consider old-hollywoods waves or a half up half down style. OR EVEN, ask your hair stylist if there is an up-do they recommend that you can take down halfway through the day for a more relaxed look at your reception and you get the best of both worlds.

3. Prioritize another area of their wedding day budget OVER wedding photography.

I promise I’m not biased – but wedding photos really are the only thing you will have left of your wedding day after the flowers dry, the food is gladly eaten, the desserts are enjoyed. My biggest heartache is hearing stories of how many Brides wanted one photographer or another, but because of the cost, they decided to forgo them and choose someone less expensive. The way to remedy this (beyond cutting costs in other parts of the wedding budget which can definitely be difficult) is to talk to your photographer about your budget and ask if they have different payment plans available for you – that way you still get incredible photos to remember your wedding day by, and your budget is happy.

What is one thing you wish you didn’t (or did) do on your Wedding Day?

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