Intimate Toronto Wedding Venues

When you’re planning your wedding day, one of the most crucial parts is the guest list. Depending on your vision of your day, your guest list is what will guide you when it comes to every other part of your planning – finding the best wedding venues in Toronto, choosing your decor and let’s be real, the budget is all dependant on your guest list as well.

One of the best parts about planning an intimate wedding, is that you get to have much more flexibility in all these areas of planning your special day. When you narrow down your guest list to invite 50 guests and under, you get to experience a stress-free atmosphere where you get to not only marry your best friend, but then go on and hang out with the people you love the most.

No pressure, the focus on your love and relaxing with the people that matter most to you both.

When planning your intimate wedding, you get to have more venues as an option that you might not with a bigger guest list. Spaces that are created to be unique and visually appealing for soirees and private events are now available for your wedding day as well.

In the beautiful city of Toronto, there are so many wedding venues to choose from for your one of a kind day. Whatever type of wedding you’re planning, whether your style is more modern or vintage chic, Toronto has it all for you.

Here is a list of the best wedding venues in Toronto for the Bride who is envisioning an intimate setting for her special day. Most of these venues accommodate between 50-100 guests, but you can talk to each vendor and see what they have found is the perfect number for their space to best create the atmosphere you’re envisioning.

If you want more of Toronto’s best wedding vendors / wedding venues, check out the next blog post.

The Arta Gallery

The Florist’s Loft

The Albany Club

Terrace Banquet Club

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