As a mama of three, I have been through many sick nights, first-time mom anxieties (okay even after my third the anxieties are still presents somewhat hah) and most recently, my littlest was diagnosed with VUR – it causes persistent UTI’s which has had us seen a LOT of fevers. After being in and out of the hospital several times before finally being diagnosed, I know the importance of a paediatrician who genuinely is there to help, listen, educate, and empower you as a mom to make the best health choices for your baby/toddler/kiddo.

As moms, we have a lot of questions as we’re dealing with many firsts, and trying to make the best choices where we can – whether on the hotly debated topic of vaccines or more routine health options. It is hard to make these choices without a doctor that you trust guiding you.

For that reason I’ve decided to compile a short but sweet list of paediatricians that were recommended by other moms as well based on their experiences. *TIP. If any paediatrician that you call requires you to have a referral, inform them it is actually illegal in Ontario to require that. It’s happened to me, and they changed their mind very fast. My current family doctor gave me me this little tip.

First on my list will be our own pediatrician

1. Dr.Howidi located at 2224 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 5L7.

He is patient and kind with the kids, flexible with vaccination schedules and has never failed to take my every concern seriously. Like the one time my boys were sick on and off for two months straight and I was constantly at the Clinic with all their symptoms declared “viral, just wait it out” because their coughs never seemed to ease up, it ended up that my first was diagnosed with asthma and needed more help.To a much more sensitive time – when Sophie had her VUR diagnostic test and they sent him the wrong results saying she is completely fine. When I told him of my experience at the hospital (the technicians telling me clearly she had VUR) and I showed him the photo I took of the X-ray the day of her test, he agreed it was exactly the criteria for VUR, so he called back at Windsor Met Hospital and worked to uncover her actual results – it ended up that she had the most severe form of VUR.

The only downside is that he does have a lot of patients and sometimes when I call in I can’t get an appointment the same day which is not ideal when the kids are actively sick and need to be seen.

2. Dr. Valaris located at 1736 Wyandotte St W, Windsor, ON N9B 1J1

He has been the one to be recommended the most after Dr.Howidi. With many years of experience, he is a very straight forward doctor whose judgement you can trust. His staff is compassionate and attentive which makes visits much smoother.

3. Dr. Chow at 290 Giles Blvd E, Windsor, ON N9A 4C2

No wait times, this is a kind doctor who is also flexible with vaccination schedules and whose judgement you can trust.

4. Dr Deshphande at 700 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8X 4T2

Not just a caring and knowledgable doctor, but with virtually no wait times, this is a great asset to a paediatrician’s office. Our kiddos get sick so often it’s nice to see someone who knows their history first hand and can catch the little details.

5. Dr. Zahrebelny at 1726 Huron Church Road, Windsor, ON N9C 2L4

Another caring and patient doctor who encourages a delayed vaccination schedule and does not pressure.

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