Why you should hire a wedding planner for your Wedding Day

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Where to begin? Hiring a wedding planner I would suggest be the first step before even securing your wedding venue and photographer!

Here in windsor there are so many options for every bride, and hiring a wedding planner for your wedding day is one of the best things you can do for yourself! It will not just take the load off the planning but there are so many more advantages that they add to the entire process.

  1. They get the most out of your money

Because of their experience, they’ve been able to secure connections that they trust. Instead of you trying to figure out how to make your budget work best, they already know all the places that will best suit your vision and budget.

2. Wedding planners are a huge creative resource.

They’re able to see the big picture of your vision and bring it to life in every little detail! Wedding planning truly takes so much fine-tuning for things to come together and wedding planners are incredible in the way that they can help.

3. Timeline experts

While I help my brides figure out the best timeline to suit their needs in terms of photography, wedding day planning requires communicating with every vendor and fine-tuning the hours depending on how long hair, makeup, decor, food, djing etc. will take. A wedding planner is a great help when it comes to overseeing all the details that help your wedding timeline go smoothly.

4. Stress-free experience

Let’s be real, wedding planning feels less like a dream and more like a nightmare sometimes. All the details that work together to create your dream day, paired with way too many opinions alongside just as many options, well, a wedding planner will take on all that stress for you and bring your dream wedding day to life.

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