I’ve been focusing on blogging about the best parts of Windsor, and a list of the best hair salons in Windsor has to be included.

Our hairstyles truly are a defining part of our style. I can’t keep track of how often I’ve researched, posted in facebook groups, and tried to find the best places to trust someone with my hair especially since we moved often I didn’t ever have one place I felt truly most comfortable at.

Because I’m so protective of my hair, I used to put off going to a hairdresser as much as possible! That was always a rough cycle since it would leave my hair in desperate need of a great trim which would then be hard for me to adjust to it being different all over again yikes. Whether it’s length, style of cut, or colour, I’ve always had a hard time changing my hair and trusting someone else’s hands to do it in a way that still feels like me.

As a photographer, I’ve definitely noticed hair as one of the defining things that will either make my client’s experience amazing or make it fall short. As I mentioned in my blog post “Top 3 Mistakes Brides make on their Wedding Day” one of them is always a regret for their hairstyle of choice. It truly is an essential part of the wedding day or any event really. If you don’t love the way your hair looks at your event or session, you will find it hard to love your photos since they won’t feel like you!

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the highest rated salons here in Windsor, knowing you can trust each of the stylists in these places.

  1. La Vida Salon & Spa
  2. Ellie Habib Salon & Spa
  3. Beautiful Images Inc
  4. Modify Hair Salon
  5. The Golden Razor

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