As a family, we’re all very outdoors-y and we love to explore different places and have fun together no matter the weather. One of my favourite parts of Windsor is all the little places we can explore outdoors. Here’s a few of the best places we’ve explored so far and the activities you can do in each.

  1. Ojibway Trail – The engagement session you see below was shot at Ojibway. It is SUCH a beautiful trail, it goes in so many directions and we have come across deer on our walks so many times we’ve made it our game to see just how many we can spot each time we go. It has a bird watching spot where so many birds sit on their feeders and come close enough for you to enjoy. As you walk further into the trail there is also a beautiful little pond you can sit and just watch for fish, and a tiny river that we have even skated on with our kids in the winter. But..without skates haha.

Our favourite part is the nature centre that you can walk into and look at all the different little creatures (think reptiles, birds, fossils) with lots of fun activities and information for kids (and us too) to learn more about each animal and the cool history of the animals Windsor is home to, to inspire you before or after your trek through the woods.

We have had countless walks there in the fall and winter months, and then went inside and drank hot chocolate and relaxed together.

  • Disclaimer : Due to COVID-19 the restrictions are constantly changing so make sure to call for more information on their restrictions + hours if you’re wanting to see the inside of the nature centre.

2. Malden Park

If you want a one of a kind view, or the perfect place to catch the sunset..this is it. The view from the top of the hill (which can be accessed by entering the park from the Matchette Rd side instead of the Huron Church entrance that Google Maps shows you) is absolutely incredible. It’s such a big park that I have been here countless of times since moving to Windsor seven years ago and I still haven’t managed to explore it all! From the first time my husband brought me here on a little date, to having our family photos almost yearly done’s definitely on my favourites list.

There are biking trails, running trails and it even includes a super fun “construction trucks” themed playground in case you’re looking for things to do with kids. There is tons of parking, as well as multiple benches throughout the trail so you can enjoy it at your own pace.

Malden Park Engagement Session

3. Lakewood Park South

Where Manning rd and Riverside drive cross, there is the most beautiful park that was built on a former golf course. It has a beach, a rock-climbing wall, disk golf, and even a calisthenics park for you to enjoy working out in! This was especially wonderful when all the gyms first shut down due to Covid-19.

The trail is perfect for rollerblading, biking, walking your dogs, or walking your kids so they can get out some energy haha. There are picnic tables available for you to enjoy, as well as an ice cream shop right off the huge parking lot. Across the street where the beach is, there are also vending machines, bathrooms and picnic tables under the pavillion.

You can get a glimpse of the beauty of the trails of this park from minute 1:20 until 2:20!

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