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Picking your wedding dress is just as crucial as picking your photographer. It will make your day – how it looks, how you feel in it. When I was engaged, I tried on all the possible dress styles in every store I could find all the way from Detroit to Toronto! I was truly surprised that I found my perfect dress here in Windsor at the most perfect boutique and was able to customize it with their seamstress as well. Here are the best wedding dress shops with a great collection of designer wedding gowns for you to pick from.

  1. It’s Your Day Bridal Boutique Inc.

2. His & Hers Wear & Bridal

3. Sophie’s Gown Shoppe

4. Bella Bridal

Now, how to choose the perfect dress?

  1. Think about the way you want to feel.

Did you grow up dreaming of being a glorious disney princess rocking a ballgown and swishing your way through the ceremony / reception? Definitely try all the different ballgown options and see how they make you feel. The best part about ballgowns is that you can customize with the different hoop options. If you’re wondering, I was definitely a ballgown girl and I chose the biggest hoop I could find haha.

2. What is the theme / feel of the wedding day you’re planning?

If you’re wanting an elegant wedding, satin wedding gowns will level up that feel. If you’re going for more rustic, choose all the glorious lace. Talk to the consultant who will be helping you pick out all the different options so she can bring to you the ones that will best match for your vision!

3. What season are you having your wedding in?

You’ll be in your dress the entire day – make sure its comfortable for the season you’re having it in! If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the heat of summer, consider a light fabric and airy full of movement dress. If you’re planning a winter wedding and want outdoor photos, embrace all the glorious ways you can custom make sleeves! If you find that you’re conflicted because you’re loving the strapless wedding gowns, discuss with a seamstress how you can plan your dress in such a way that it will still be what you’re envisioning. Or better yet, inquire into indoor photography locations (blog post coming soon!) and see if you can book a space that will allow you to have your dream photos and your dream dress!

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