One of the most important elements of a successful photoshoot is most definitely the outfits. Plan them well, and they will bring your session to a whole other level! When it comes to family photos, you want your outfits to not just reflect you, but to compliment you!

Before we jump into colour schemes ideas I have to just give you my number one rule of thumb – never wear something you’re feeling “unsure” of. Why? It will 100% reflect in your photos. My job as your photographer is to help you feel totally at ease and relaxed during your session so we can capture the essence of your family – your connection, your love, your fun together. If you’re worried about your outfit in the back of your mind, you won’t be totally present nor will you be totally confident in having fun and enjoying your time together. SO – wear something that you feel totally confident in, even if it’s not a new piece from your closet.

Now let’s go on to colour coordinating when it comes to your outfits. You don’t want to clash, nor blend into one another. The key is to pick a colour scheme for your session and instead of exactly matching each other’s colours you will complement one another instead.

Here are a few tried and true colour schemes that I will suggest every time!

  1. Neutrals – Think light brown, beige, cream, greys, whites. Neutrals are a safe bet, you don’t even have to try hard to think of which ones to choose because they all work so well together.

2. Go bold – There’s nothing wrong with doing the exact opposite and going bold! However, if your bold choices include patterns, make sure to keep them at a minimum as they can sometimes be too distracting in photographs. One pattern / 4 people tends to be a good starting point but always check in with your photographer and get their input as well.

3. Earth tones – Different shades of green, brown and blue mixed together will always make for gorgeous photos.

4. Jewel tones – Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Amethyst, Topaz. These colours are bold and glorious when paired together.

One more tip – Play with texture. Velvet, Corduroy, Linen, Cashmere. ALL the texture. The more layers of it the more it adds to the depth of your photos and textures complement one another beautifully.

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