As a wedding photographer, I’ve had to get creative with indoor locations often whether for a wedding, engagement or family session. If you’re looking for a new spot, or you need a last-minute location change due to weather, here are some great spots with beautiful light and a unique look for your photo session.

My favourites always tend to be little cafes because they’re very intentional with their decor and often have some beautiful cozy spots perfect for a shoot. But there are some wonderful spots still free to be used for any session no matter the look you’re going for which I’ll list below.

  1. Windsor Casino

I’ve photographed families here, as well as wedding portraits. The great thing about it is that it’s versatile from corner to corner and you can really get creative with this location in many ways.

2. Engineering Building University of Windsor

The floor to ceiling Windsor leave so much natural light to play with, as well as a gorgeous architectural design perfect for headshots, engagement session, wedding portraits or a family session.

3. Low-Martin Mansion

This is an absolutely stunning spot for wedding photos and engagement portraits for those who are looking to get more character in their photos and creativity. There is a fee for renting out so make sure to call and check for availability before scheduling your session.

4. Sandwich Brewery

A gorgeous location unique and perfect for any type of session!

5. Colosanti’s

Featuring a gorgeous greenhouse, it’s the perfect place for an engagement shoot like the one pictured below that we did for Justin & Justine’s engagement session, and you can even get some of their delicious food afterwards as a treat!

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